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Vitalized Performance Group

Where there’s a will there’s a way!


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GAINSWave treatment packages from VPG provide whole body health at no extra cost!

Our "package" combination of treatments gives you  your desired results better and sooner than shockwave-only treatment.

 Call now to learn more.  

A Package of GAINSWave treatments includes:

6 or 12 acupuncture treatments

2 colon hydrotherapy treatments

2+ Naturopathic Physician Visits

(2 in-person and 1 phone call follow-up) 

This can improve your health significantly while saving up to a $1500! 

Learn more about what you can do at home now. 

It is vital to address all root causes of  health problems.  This is 100% dependent on the patient.  The more dedicated the patient is to solve his or her health problems, it will determine better outcomes. 

Visit our website to learn more about shockwave and holistic health.  Our clinic has over 85% success.

1.  Start your research here:

AFFIRM Safe Effective supplement: (We matched the price so you can come to the clinic and pick it up, avoid shipping costs.) learn more:

2. Eliminate digestive health issues.  Research shows constipation has a direct link to erectile dysfunction and bladder leakage. 

3. More Vital Info:

4. Diet:  

5.  Beware of Dental Hygien

6.  Our clinic is an AquaLaurin provider:  New powerful and safe treatments that eliminates biofilm through the body. Learn more:

Purchase your supplements to get you started:

Click the blue shape to learn more:

Read VPG Waves's Testimonials, Do you identify with any of them? 

How much is it? What else is included?

Watch our Video and Hear What Shock Wave sounds like. We do offer Noise canceling head phones if you wish. 

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Go directly to the GAINSWave website for more information and testimonials: