Being a Patient @ Vitalized Performance Group, (VPG) we treat you like family. All our patients/clients receive 10% off supplements. All our supplements are pharmaceutical grade. Everyone who purchases a wellness package of $2,000+ receives 15% discounts on all additional services except for GAINSwave services, you are already saving over $1,000. These discounts are extended to your family members, even uncle John.

Our packages are designed to save you money and encourage you to come here more often and get the treatments your body might desperately need to achieve better health outcomes.

Our team is here to make you feel good and look good. What else can you ask for?

Supplements at a discount:

GAINSWave/Shock-Wave therapy for Sexual Health

25 Minute Procedure:


1 GAINSWave Treatment $600


Package of 6 GAINSWave Treatments $ 3,000

Package of 12 GAINSWave Treatments $ 5,000

ALL GAINSWave Packages Include:

Two 60 to 90 minute thorough evaluations/consultations by a naturopathic doctor, 6/12 acupuncture treatments & 2 colon hydro-therapies OVER $1,500 Value Note that if you choose not to receive colonics you can get additional acupuncture treatments

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VPG Blasting: GAINSWave/ShockWave for Pain Management/Reduction of Appearance in Cellulite

Pain Management/Cellulite treatment/ includes 25 min heating/ 15 min fascia blasting/ 20 min Shock-Wave therapy. Includes acupuncture 30 min

Total Time: 90 min per session (its ok to have acupuncture on a different day)

Includes 2 Colonic @ 45 min Each


1 GAINSWave Blasting $ 600


Package of 6 GAINSWave Blasting $3,000 (For larger body areas)

Package of 12 GAINSWave Blasting 65 min $5,000 (for larger body areas)

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Foot Spa Treatment $ 60


 5 + $50 each 10 + $40 each (you can use to give as gifts with our lovely gift cards)

Foot spa treatments, 45 minute treatment

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Private Colonics 60 minute / you receive 1 chew-able enzyme and electrolytes with each treatment


1 Colonic $100 recommend to do 2 back to back!


 3 + $90 each 6 + $80 each 

10+ $65 each

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Massage/Heat/Fascia Blast


Infra Heat Sauna Dome 40 min. $ 60

Infra Heat Sauna Dome 20 min. $ 25 

You can substitute for Chinese Massage or Fascia Blasting Massage

30 min massage $ 60

60 min massage $ 100


Infra Heat sauna 40min: 5+ $50 each 10+ $ 40 each

30 min Chinese  massage

 3+ $50 6+$40

60 min Chinese  massages    

   3+ $90 each 6+ $80 each 

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 $ 125 Consultation

$ 80 Follow ups


after consult; 5 + $75 each 10+ $65 each

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Naturopathic Medicine approx 60 to 90 minute visits

1st Naturopathic Consult $ 250

Follow up ND visit $ 175

Some insurance will cover partial costs.  Just ask us to provide you with a super bill.

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EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique: Approx 60 to 90 min Sessions

Reducing short-term or chronic stress

Reducing muscular tension and joint pain

Decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels

Decreasing tension headaches

Coping with emotional problems such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety

Improving athletic performance, focus and coordination

Helping to improve sleep quality


$65 UP TO 1.5 HOUR session

$35 15 min to 30 min session

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Our in house payment plan, 0% interest

To claim your package discounts, payments must be paid in full within 30 days of first installment or before the the 3rd treatment, whichever comes first.  Refunds of service packages converts to ala cart pricing.  Easy peasy we are straight forward and work efficiently with each client/patient to achieve the best health outcomes. 

*Note that we strongly believe you will have better health benefits if you combine these services and use within in the first year. These packages are at a deep discount to encourage you to improve your health and save you money doing it!  Packages are to be used within 12 months of purchase.