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Vitalized Performance Group

It is vital to address all root causes of health problems. This is 100% dependent on the patient. The more dedicated the patient is to solve his or her health problems, it will determine better outcomes.

When you're a patient at Vitalized Performance Group (VPG), we treat you like family. All our patients/clients receive 10% off any recommended pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Everyone who purchases a wellness package of $1,800+ receives 15% discounts on all additional services (except for GAINSwave services) These discounts are extended to all family members, even Uncle John.

Our packages are designed to save you money and encourage you to come here more often and get the treatments your body might desperately need to achieve better health outcomes.

Our team is here to make your body work as it was intended to.  Feel Good Look Good, what else can you ask for?

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 Please remember that supplements can be dangerous and you should never purchase and consume anything without the guidance of your healthcare provider. 


Patient Direct Code:  ZpK6tLfs



  • Improve Recall

    Aides in supplying the brain with proper amounts of oxygen so it can access nutrients and energy immediately since the brain cannot store energy

  • Reduce Fatigue

    Increases the amount of oxygen in supply for ATP production and the subsequent supply of energy to the cells

  • Support Healing

    Acts as a support agent in the healing process to ensure oxygen is supplied to any damaged cells


 We Will Ship Products for a Flat Rate of $15.00 for the products below: 

Disolves BioFilm and rids many differiant strains of viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

Learn More about biofilm and AquaLaurin: We are an AquaLaurin provider:

Images might be different from the actual products pictured here. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Affirm 150 veggie capsules

Affirm 60 pills

Pump for ED & Peyronie's

Renegade battery operated

Reflexology Insoles

AquaLaurin  2 oz

Clear & Natural AntiMicrobial Lotion                              








VPG Waves Packages: 

*Packages must be paid in full to receive discounts and used within 12 months* In House Financing available 



$ 600 for a single GAINSWave treatment


$ 3,000 for 6 GAINSWave package

$ 5,000 for 12 GAINSWave package

$ 420 each for 13 or more sessions

GAINSWave package

GAINSWave Packages Include:

  • Naturopathic Doctor consultations (2 Consults) 
  • Acupuncture/Infra-Red Heat Biomat with each GAINSWave session
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy (2 sessions with each package of six)

(savings of approx $1200 to $1500+, depending on the package)

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$ 600 for single GW Blasting treatment


$ 3,000 for 6 GW Blasting package

$ 5,000 for 12 GW Blasting package

GW Blasting packages for pain management/cellulite treatment include:  

  • 25 minutes of infrared sauna
  • 15 minutes of fascia blasting
  • 20 minutes of shock-wave therapy
  • 30 minutes of acupuncture
  • 2 colonic sessions (45 min each) 

Total Time: 90 min per session 

(These packages use shockwave therapy for larger body areas.)

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 $2,400.00  (save $150)

This is a well thought out treatment plan designed to identify and treat the root cause of the health condition.  Creating a team of providers that communicate closely on your treatments ensures significant improvement to your health.

  • Thorough Naturopathic health history and consultation
  • 2 follow up visits with our Naturopathic Doctor
  • 2 phone consultations (approximately 10-20 min to discuss labs and any questions)
  • 10 Acupuncture treatments ($20 upcharge for Tuina, or Gua Sha, bio mat)
  • 4 ionic foot spa treatments
  • 6 colon hydrotherapy 

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VPG Waves Services and Multi-Series Savings: 

*Series must be paid in full to receive discounts and be used within 12 months* In House Financing available

Semi-Private Colonics (80 minutes)

you will receive 1 chewable enzyme and electrolytes with each treatment

$ 160 for 1st visit single colonic session, includes ND medical review. 


$ 135 each 2nd +

$ 100 each for 4+ sessions  (pay as you go with a signed contract) plus $60 one time fee for the medical review

*We do recommend doing the first 2 colonics within 4 days of each other, for better results)*

Learn More

$ 275 - First Naturopathic Consult( up 60 to 90 minutes) * Must bring in labs prior to visit 

$ 200 - Established patient ND visit 60 minutes)

Some insurance plans will cover partial costs. Just ask us to provide you with a superbill.

Learn More

$ 125 Initial consultation and   treatment

$ 80 established patient treatments


$ 70 each for 6+ sessions


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture or Acupuncture Facelift Known as Acu-Lift, is a non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging while simultaneously revitalizing the whole body. Acu-Lift is a holistic approach that will leave you looking g younger and feeling reenergized. 

Series pricing applicable after the initial consultation.

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VPG Waves Spa-like & Mental Wellness Services

*Series must be paid in full to receive discounts and be used within 12 months*  In House Financing available

Add-on Services Below on the Same Day & Get 20%+ off

Foot Spa Treatment

$ 65 each 


$ 50 each for 5+ sessions

$ 40 each for 10 or more       sessions

You may buy at package pricing to give sessions as gifts.

Foot spa treatments last approximately 45 minutes.

Learn More

Infrared Heat Dome:

$ 60 for 40 minutes

$ 25 for 20 minutes


Infrared Heat Dome

(40 minute sessions)

$ 50 each for 5+ sessions

$ 40 each for 10 or more   sessions


Chinese TuiNa Massage  Gua Sha or Fascia Blasting

$ 60 - 30 minutes massage 

$ 100 - 60 minutes massage


(30 minute sessions)

$ 50 each for 3+ sessions  

$ 40 each for 6 or more   sessions

(60 minute sessions)

$ 90 each for 3+ sessions

$ 80 each for 6 or more   sessions


$65 UP TO 1.5 HOUR session

$35 15 min to 30 min session

Learn More

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

(60 to 90 minute sessions)

$ 65 for each 30 to 90 minutes session

$ 35 for each 15 min to 30 minutes session

You can use EFT for:

Reducing short-term or chronic stress.

Reducing muscular tension and joint pain.

Decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels.

Learn More

Amethyst Bio-Mat 3000 MX Pro


$100 for 60 minutes session

$200 for a 2-hour session

Uses Amethyst crystals and infra-red heat, with ionic charges.

Learn More

Health Coach will help you utilize all the treatments and advice of the VPG Waves Staff.


60-minute weekly meal planning and exercise planning

Weekly Weigh-Ins

Q & As

Add another $100

for a trip to the grocery store and learn how to grocery shop for success

1 trip to a local restaurant and learn how to order and how to eat including posture, chews, small talk, etc. 

Learn More

Our in house payment plan

 Refunds of unused services from packages will convert the full price towards all used services.  Easy peasy we are straightforward and work efficiently with each client/patient to achieve the best health outcomes.

All lab tests and supplements cost extra. Note that we strongly believe you will have better health benefits if you combine these services and use them within one year. These packages are priced at a deep discount to encourage you to improve your health and save you money doing it!  Packages are to be used within 12 months of purchase.