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More Details regarding GAINSWave treatment Packages: 

One of our medical providers will do a complete health analysis. Please let us know if you have a preference for a male or female provider. You will not hurt anyone's feelings. 

Please bring a list of all your medications and supplements with doses and know the frequency in which you take them.

Bring in any labs you have done within the last six months. If you had any hormone testing at any point please bring those in on your first visit.

Our healthcare providers are trained in both pharmaceutical and botanical medicine. They are the pros that will know if your supplements and treatment plans are right for you.

Note that not everyone will qualify for colon hydrotherapy services as their are contraindication for some folks. The good news is that your Naturopathic doctor can address those contraindications and maybe at a latter date you can qualify for colonics.

Please let us know during our phone conversation if you have any blood clots or if you easily bruise. If you are on blood thinners, please note we will need your MD or your prescribing doctor to clear you for GAINSWave procedures.

If you choose to purchase the GAINSWave Package we will deduct the $250 for the first initial consult.  If you choose to just try one wave therapy we can do so on your first visit. Go to price page: here 

We have a dedicated team of practitioners to truly treat your symptoms efficiently and thoroughly.

All GAINSWave treatments need a thorough consultation before treatment can be administered.

Call Now to Book Your Appointment and Pre Pay Your Consultation Fee Or call the office during regular business hours and we can accept payments over the phone.

Don't wait any longer!

When calling in a credit card payment please use our unrecorded line: Call us at: 860-430-2342